Tijdens alle bootcamps word je steeds begeleid door een ervaren team. Tweevoudig ex-wereldkampioene Lesley Dada vergezelt je op alle bootcamps. 

Lesley Dada

Lesley Dada heeft een schat aan ervaring en expertise als het op fysieke conditie en voeding aankomt. Vanaf haar kleutertijd deed ze al met succes competitie in atletiek, turnen, jazz ballet en karate. Een mooie voorbereiding die haar leidde naar een Europacup in 2007. In datzelfde jaar en het volgende jaar werd ze wereldkampioene Thaiboxen IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateurs), respectievelijk in Thailand en Korea. In de zomer van 2017 werd ze nog 3e op het wereldkampioenschap in Minsk.

Starten met Thaiboksen - Wereldkampioene Lesley Dada

Deze prestaties zorgden ervoor dat Lesley in 2008 genomineerd werd voor Sportvrouw van het Jaar, zowel nationaal als voor de provincie Antwerpen. Hier stond ze naast gevestigde waarden als Kim Gevaert, Justine Henin en Tia Hellebaut.

Lesley was ook 14 jaar actief als beroepsmilitaire van een gevechtseenheid.  Ze oefende haar job in de gevechtscompagnie met veel plezier en ijver uit, maar de roep van de sport werd alsmaar luider waardoor ze besloot om zich volledig op OVERDRIVEsports te concentreren.

Sinds oktober 2017 heeft OVERDRIVEsports zich gevestigd in Houthalen.  Lesley concentreert zich nu voor 100% op haar zaak en maakt er een erezaak van om de objectieven te bereiken die haar klanten vooropstellen.  

Lesley werd getraind door Wim Verlinden. De voormalige nationale trainer van de Belgische Nationale Muay-Thai ploeg.

Janice Lyn zal deze bootcamp mee vervoegen als co-trainer

Janice Lyn is a multiple World Champion and Professional Canadian Muaythai athlete who is the perfect mix of brains and brawn. She is currently the Chair of the IFMA Atheltes’ Commission who was recently re-elected for a second term this year during the 2019 IFMA World Championships in Bangkok. She’s a fearless, inspiring, and remarkable woman on a mission to lead a path of empowerment and illumination for her community whom she “loves and honors until it hurts”.

Her journey started as a rebellious child of two Chinese-Jamaican immigrant parents who fled a crime infused Kingston in the early 1980’s with a dream to build a bright future for their children.  As a young child, Janice admired the hard work and relentless ambitions of her parents who owned multiple businesses throughout their careers. Growing up watching her Father work day-in and day-out taught Janice a silent humility and humbleness.  Witnessing her Moms strength of mind, confidence, and never accepting demeanor taught Janice to never expect nothing but the best from her-self.  Something she lives daily.

Her journey as an athlete started in grade school. She was always quite competitive and could always push beyond the limits and expectations of her coaches. Janice played many sports including basketball, volleyball, badminton, and made her mark as a sprinter in track and field throughout her high school years.  Her love of environment and the body led her to studies in Biology at McMaster University.

During her years in university, Janice’s growing heart led her to travel abroad and lend her developing talents to much needed communities in Vietnam, Venezuela, and India. She was a proud leader of a Global Youth Network project that took a group of young dreamers to lead their hearts and hands to orphanages, and hospitals in India. During her travels abroad, Janice’s heart and eyes were opened. She quickly realized the need of others and her undying need to give back to those around her.  She made herself a promise. A promise that she would live a life of purpose and fulfillment through servicing others and committing her heart to bettering the lives of those around her.

In 2008, while looking for a new sport to master, a good friend edged Janice to try a Muaythai class at an up and coming gym in Toronto called Krudar Muay Thai. Without even knowing, Janice committed herself to a vibrant and beautiful community of like-minded people on a mission to better themselves and those around them. 

Janice relentlessly pursued her journey in Muaythai and after much practice and determination took positions as the only female instructor and personal trainer aiding hundreds to live better and more fulfilled lives in Toronto. Over her 11 years of love of the sport, Janice has continued to compete, picking up hundreds of fans at each bout and trail blazing for young women who flock in her footsteps.  Janice’s fan club includes many women and men of all ages, who admire her work and dedication to seeing women break through in a male dominated sport. Each time Janice enters the ring, she enters with the hopes and dreams of those that look to her for guidance, inspiration, and proof that the impossible can become possible. When you watch Janice fight, you do not just witness perfected technique and athletic grace, you witness ambition, commitment, and loyalty in all its glory.

Janice graduated from the prestigious Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto and is a practicing Holistic Nutritionist. Bridging her love of environment, her undergraduate education, her experiences as a coach, leader and athlete she has future dreams to develop a profession that caters to athlete holistic nutrition and lifestyle. Thus, fulfilling her dedication to give back and commit her work to helping those in much need. She has done various nutrition workshops and seminars for elite athletes and individuals looking to educate themselves on living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle in Toronto and at many IFMA World Championships Athlete Forums.

Janice currently lives in Bangkok and is also the General Manager of Mongkon Academy, a muaythai fitness facility and education center. Mongkon Academy is more than just a training gym, it is also a charity. It is located in one of Bangkok’s most established hotels, Ambassador Hotel, in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Mongkon Academy is about giving back. “Do Good Feel Good” is our motto; contributing towards the ones in need and at the same time, participating in the various activities the academy has to offer.